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If it isn’t already enough stress going through a catastrophic hurricane, it’s a sad fact that property owners often face even bigger trauma after the storm. Getting your home and life back to normal can be an extreme challenge, especially when it comes to dealing with your insurance company and getting the money you need to fix your home.

Are you really getting the money that you deserve? Why is your claim being denied or underpaid?  How can so much be excluded, limited, or reduced?

These are the types of questions we answer and having a Public Adjuster on your side can help you out drastically. Not only does it take the stress away of dealing with a claim, but home and business owners can rest assured that they will have a claim filed for the full amount owed to them.

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As a Public Adjuster, Clear Claim is your advocate, your second opinion, your ally in getting a fair settlement offering proactive assistance throughout your entire insurance claim process. Quite simply, Clear Claim doesn’t work for an insurance company, we are hired to work for YOU on your damage claim.

Insurance companies save millions each year by sending their own people to measure and calculate the amount of any one claim.  It is extremely common to find that many damages are missed, reduced, or denied entirely. We hear it every day. It’s always smart to question the estimator that is sent by the insurance company and any final say they may have in how much money you should be paid.

Most people don’t realize that Public Adjusters exist to keep you from being taken advantage of.  At Clear Claim, we back you with experience, help get you what you deserve and on the road to recovery.

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We have years of insurance and industry experience to help you understand your options and benefits.

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We will schedule an unbiased, expert inspector to visit your property and prepare a comprehensive report of your damages.

We’ll Review Your Estimate

As your representative, we provide an in-depth review of your damages compared to your adjuster’s report.

We’ll Assist with a Higher Settlement

We will do everything in our power to help you get the settlement you need to rebuild and move forward.

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We Provide Expert Opinions on Hurricane Damages

You pay your high monthly premiums for insurance coverage, so there really shouldn’t be a second guess as to what happens when disaster strikes.

How do you know if insurance is offering a fair amount for your property damages? How can so much be reduced, excluded or outright denied?

The sad reality is that some insurance companies are going to try and minimize what they have to pay out on a claim and they make the policy and claim process extremely difficult to navigate.

Claims require a thorough analysis. Our Expert Public Adjusters are trained and professionally licensed to help you get a fair and accurate settlement from your claim.

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